Bitus Scandex - traditional wood treatment with leading wood preserver

Bitus Scandex™ covers all types of more traditional of wood treatments. Different markets have different requirements and we satisfy these by means of different certifications. On the Swedish market, the NTR regulations are governing, where pine feedstock is the predominant timber used. There are also several types of impregnated spruce, for example the BS class (British Standard), which, in terms of volume, is our largest product.

For several years now, we have only used copper-based wood preservatives. The wood preservative for Bitus Scandex™ Green is called Wolmanit CX8 and for Scandex™ Brun Osmose AC 800 and they both comply with Nordiska Träskyddsrådets very strict requirements. This is completely in line with our environmental goals and gives you, the end user, confirmation that we take our responsibility and our environmental commitment seriously, every day.


All timber that is to be used above ground or in ground and water must be treated against damp, rot and so on, if it is to keep its properties.
The certifications or standards to be found in every country in Europe are the guarantee that the wood treatment is done in an environmentally friendly and qualitative way.
The most used in Europe are;
NTR - Sweden, CTB - France and BS - England.

Standard nameAgentConc.%WoodtypeMin.Volume
Wolmanit CX8
3,0 % Pine 1m³
Wolmanit CX8
1,5 % Pine 1m³
Wolmanit CX8
3,0 % Spruce 1m³
Osmose AC 800 3,4 % Pine 1m³
Osmose AC 800 2,0 % Spruce 1m³
- - - -

On special request we also offer:
Bitus VacVac
This preservation treatment is used to protect the wood during storage as well give a certain rot protection.
This treatment gives the wood a tint of yellow.

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