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What is Scandex?

Bitus new product name for the impregnated wood often called "the green wood" is Scandex.

Are there any changes or developments in the Scandex product group?

The biggest change is that Scandex-wood is no longer impregnated with arsenic. Today, only a carefully balanced amount of copper is used to ensure a longevity period of about 20 years.

How do you carry out your maintenance with Scandex?

Oiling the wood every spring is recommended. Be sure to wipe off excess oil, otherwise a shiny surface forms that will peel off with time. If discoloured by dust and soot, wash it with detergent (e.g, Jotun Hustvätt) and then rinse. Let the wood dry before oiling.

Which screws and nails should I use?

Select high-quality decking screws that are designed for impregnated wood. The nails should be acid-proof.

Can I saw the Scandex wood?

Yes, but we do not recommend it. This exposes the core of the wood, which is not impregnated

How deep does impregnation fluid penetrate into the wood?

It penetrates through the sapwood and a few millimetres into the heartwood.

Could private individuals burn cutting waste and old Scandex wood?

No, the law prohibits this. Scandex contains copper and must be left at the local recycling station. There it is burnt in incinerators, which are capable of recovering copper from the ashes.

Does impregnated wood crack more often than normal?

No. All wood can crack because of moisture variation. One can partially limit this by oiling.

Is impregnated wood harmful to the skin?

No, no harm at all. Even though treated wood at times can be damp, all the metals and chemicals are fixed into the wood before leaving Bitus. Contact with skin or licking by cattle would normally cause no problems.

Isn’t wood impregnation forbidden?

No. However, last year significant limitations were implemented in the use of impregnated wood containing arsenic. Today, private individuals, in principle, cannot buy such wood. Nor is it likely that impregnated wood will be completely banned. However, new wood preservatives and wood preservation methods will replace the ones we have today.

Can I get Scandex in another colour other than green?

Yes, we now market certain dimensions in brown. In order to maintain the brown colour, use brown wood oil after the first few years.

How can you claim that Scandex is environmentally friendly?

In a product’s life cycle analysis, all factors are weighed up to determine the environmental credentials. Thanks to treatment with a rot preservation agent, Scandex can be considered a good environmental choice as it gives a long-lasting material when compared to other available options.

When should I oil the wood?

Once the timber is "touch dry" (below 20% moisture content), you can oil it. If buying "new" wood in the spring, you should wait until early autumn before oiling it. Be sure to select high quality oil and follow the instructions carefully from the oil producer, for long-term satisfaction. Most cheap wood oils contain high levels of varnish residue and do not protect the wood properly against dehydration.

Is it possible to paint the impregnated wood?

Of course you can! Just make sure that the wood is "touch dry " before doing so (see previous point).

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