Nomination Committee

At the Annual General Meeting (AGM), the shareholders of Bergs Timber determine how the preparations for the election of the Board and auditors will be carried out. The shareholders have the opportunity to present nomination proposals to the Nominations Committee.

The Nominations Committee is responsible for preparing and presenting proposals for the Chairman of the Board, Board Members, directors emoluments (split up into Chairman, Members of the Board and Committee), the Chairman of the AGM as well as the choice of and emoluments of auditors. The Nominations Committees proposals are submitted in connection with the invitation to the next AGM.

At the AGM on January 26 2017, it was decided that Bergs Timbers Nomination Committee should be constituted of the following members. It was also decided that if any member on the Nomination Committee should resign prematurely the Chairman of the Board together with the companys principal owner would appoint a successor.

Contact Nomination Committee

Tel:      +46 (0)703-33 72 37

Bertil Lönnäs

Born in 1942.

Member of the Nomination Committee.

Mechanical Engineer

Other board duties: Chairman of Söderhamn Eriksson Koncern AB, Cellwood Machinery AB and AB AK Eriksson.

Shareholding: 217 000 shares.


Peter Thormalm

Born in 1967

Member of the Nomination Committee.

CEO and the creator of Långemåla Energileveranser AB

Member of the Borders Sörbylunden i Långemåla AB, AB Fågelfors Bruk, Fågelfors Hyvleri AB, Bergkvara Hamn och Stuveri AB, Bockara Sågverk AB

Shareholding: 11 181 293 shares

Lisa Almgren

Born in 1976

Member of the Nomination Comittee

Law graduation (Business law)

Shareholding: -

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